Becoming a PROMOM

Work with me equals Guilt-free Living

Are you a working mom that doesn’t feel fulfilled and is tired of looking for solutions for a problem you can’t really describe?

If you are a working mom with ambition and desires that currently clash with your family dynamics, you are definitely limiting your life because of guilt.

⚠ You might be frustrated because you’ve been looking for a solution to your unfulfilling profession but can find the time to apply all the new information because of GUILT.

⚠ You might wish to enjoy family time but can’t seem to get your work up to date so you choose to do extra-hours just to please your colleagues… because of GUILT… which, in the end leads to feeling guilty for arriving home late!

⚠ You might have the feeling you have no friends because you can’t do it all and still go out for coffee, which keeps you hiding from the call that you know you need to make… because of GUILT.

If this sounds like you and you’ve tried to do it all, you’ve tried all the self-development trainings you got your hands on.

You’ve read all the self-help books out there and still can’t seem to make your life easier. Things just don’t seem to flow and there is always someone to blame, you. Then you’re suffering from mom-guilt and I’m here to help you.

When your guilt becomes bigger than your love, you become loud.

Mom-guilt isn’t just the guilt you feel when you are a mom, it’s also the guilt you feel because of your mom… which leads to the feeling of guilt because of what you do and don’t do.

Actually, mom-guilt is the biggest stone in your shoe, the one you feel but just can’t find and remove it.

❌ I’m sure in the past you’ve worked on your time management and failed.

❌ I’m also sure you’ve done extra activities with your family and just didn’t have a good time.

❌ I’m sure you “found time” to do what you like, like going out with friends and had a horrible time.


Because you were trying to avoid the symptoms and you never really faced and worked on the problem, GUILT.

Well, I’m here to support you with the removal of that big stone in your shoe called GUILT.

I’m here to offer you a short step process that will guide you in taking a few steps out of your guilt-driven life into a stone free pair of shoes that will allow you to comfortably walk up your career ladder with a smile.

Sounds great right? Maybe too good to be true?

Well, it’s true and you’ll experience this truth when you join my facebook group and step into this journey with me and other amazing moms. This is the time for your TRUE BEGINNING.


Here are what some of the woman I’ve worked with have said about working with me.

“I just listened to the recording of our ereading and it was so powerful for me. I was able to hear myself without being in the meltdown energy that I was feeling. The insights that you provided were spot on. Isabel, your ability to read energy and offer support in such a beautiful way is quite profound. Thank you (…) for your support during an emotionally overwhelming time for me. I was able to listen and hear myself without the inner critic that is in my head as I speak so that was an interesting perspective for me to hear me and listen with compassion and understanding. I was hesitant to listen to the recording because I was afraid it would confirm something in myself I didn’t want to be but that wasn’t there this time. Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion, truth, and “tough love” no nonsense approach to learning, healing, and living the life we were intended to live.”

Janice from USA

My experience with Isabel was truly magical. I didn’t know what to expect when it came to the Akashic Records–something I’ve always been curious to experience–and Isabel gave me a quick rundown of the structure, while also allowing room for me to ask questions. I felt and still feel like I, and my family, were and are in very safe hands. If you have blocks, quesitons, or patterns in your life that you simply don’t understand, please reach out to her.

Tracey-Ann Rose from Smyrna, Georgia, United States of America

I knew I needed change and I needed to try and make sense of my life’s journey so far. I knew I had to take the first step, but this was not an easy one for me. The Soul Realignment session and Isabel’s guidance have had a profound impact on my life. Isabel was so re-assuring, calming, clear and helpful. I cannot thank her enough for helping me every step of the way and I will be returning for more sessions as I now feel like I am set on my true path of discovery and happiness. Thank you, Isabel for everything, thank you for your patience, empathy and guidance, you are a true practitioner in every sense of the word.

Zenia from Grays, United Kingdom

” Isabel brings clarity and love to her sessions guiding you to move in positive directions.”

Wendy from Virginia, USA

“I felt like this was already supporting me day even though I missed it live. Just because I had set the intention to be with you.”

Melissa, PhD from USA

This is fantastic. Your voice has an ethereal quality to it, even. Thank you

Melissa, PhD from USA