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About Me

Who Am I

Hi, I am Isabel Faria. I was born in South Africa. Moved to Portugal at the age of 12 where I stayed 20 years. Currently, I live in Germany.

I started my self-discovery journey, which led to who I am now, at the age of 26 with the simple question,

“What can I change to move closer to happiness?”

I guess I was asking,

“Who am I really?”

This was the first time I accepted my responsibility in what I create, in the life I am experiencing. At the time, I was not completely aware of how powerful this simple question is and where it would lead me… I am so happy that I chose to face it. this self-discovery journey has been a fulfilling journey!

How I came to my Business?

In 2014, I decided to become a mom. For the first time, I considered giving up what I believed was my independency (only to learn I was never independent and the need to fit in conditioned my happiness ) and consciously share my life with someone who would depend on me for at least 16 years, 18 if I am lucky😉

During 2016, I met someone who introduced me to my intuition… I think she didn’t even notice it, but she helped me see behind my perceived reality and into my inner self. She showed me the truth behind the lie!

The question “Who am I?”, was gaining a new meaning, it shifted away from “Who am I being!”

Then I discovered Soul Realignment, a Modality that helped me tune even deeper into my intuition, connect with the highest version of me. The question “Who am I?” soon became “How can I be the “I”?”. The need to search for my truest self with the question “Who am I?” was answered, all I need was find ways to show up and be the “I”.

I soon developed tools to see what was blocking me from reaching everyday goals. I was able to clear the blocks and create the reality I knew I deserved.

Two years later, I was a relatively successful person, and usually needed not much time manifesting my desires. But, becoming a mom seemed impossible. Month after month, I was confronted with the disappointment and at times frustration of not getting what I wanted… and everyone I knew was either getting married, pregnant, making the family bigger… life seemed to be happening to everyone else… I felt left out!

I thought I had to give up the professional side of life because everyone kept telling me that stress was the main factor. The question Who am I not allowed to be? was the question people were putting in my mind. But, instead of listening to the opinion of others, I took my second course with Andrea Hess, Manifesting Blueprint and applied this to align myself with my intention, which continued to be getting pregnant and (this added) continue to have a fulfilling life. I wanted to be a mom and continue to be a successful woman!

The great thing about using the Manifesting Blueprint is that it helps us align in many different areas of our life. So, while I was working on aligning myself, I applied for a higher position (seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?) and got it. This was totally out of my comfort zone as I would have to speak German. As a mom, living in Germany, I knew this was one of my main blocks, something that was isolating me from others, so I decided to just did it.

I experienced 2018 as a year of changes, and by the end of that year, I was so aligned that it took us 1 month to get pregnant. Great right! I adopted the right attitude, my love offer to all moms who wish to have it all, used my new energetic self to focus on the necessary changes and take action, and I gained control of my life!

So, you see, I understand how woman feel when they are underestimated, judged, isolated, and feel unfulfilled. I know how hard it is to listen to the soft voice in our heart when our heads are filled with the opinion, judgement, and conditioning fears from other people. People who only wish to help… but don’t!

Experiencing what I have experienced has made me an expert in understanding how fulfilment, self-acceptance, trust and confidence can catapult any woman to success… all of us have the ability to manifest our desires and I wish to share this knowledge, compassion, and wisdom, my gifts, with the people I understand. That is why I focus on supporting moms and future moms.

So, if I had to summarize my focus and what I do, I would have to say:

I help unfulfilled corporate moms and future moms, who feel disconnected, discriminated, or like a minority at work. I help them access their inner power and purpose, recognize who they truly are, their values, and what they desire to share with other, their vision. I do this so that they have enough energy to move out of their comfort zone, enough power to regain respect and acceptance, and experience both personal and professional life they know they deserve. 

So, if you’re a mom or future mom who, just like me, wishes to understand yourself better, own your inner power and purpose, experience both success and happiness, then you’re at the right place.

I am the right coach for you to get to know yourself, connect with the highest version of you, create the needed energy to move forward and experience life fully and, all this while enjoying the family dynamics you wishes to have… A Family Dynamics made FUN! If you wish to learn more, click here and invite for a 30min clarity session with me. Together we can see what the first step you can take towards your happiness is!


For future moms, I have something new coming up💕 Something that will help future moms experience pregnancy and birth fully and with ease. This new program will give future moms the tools that will make the experience of life, creating it, birthing it, and sharing it, enjoyable and fulfilling! You can enjoy the beauty of birth, let me show you how💕. If you wish to learn more, click here and invite for a 30min clarity session with me.

Can’t wait to work with you! 

What I do

In addition to my academic background as a chemist, I have several trainings related to personal growth, energy balance, and relaxation methods. Currently, my main focus is on Soul Realignment and Manifesting Blueprint. Both modalities help align your physical experience with your soul. This alignment brings fulfilment and joy to everything you create.

In my programs, you will experience Soul Realignment and other helpful modalities. You can enjoy one of my programs knowing that it will help you create a True Beginning.

As a Soul Realignment Practitioner, a fulfilment coach (using NLP), helping you answer the question “Who am I?” in a clear, focused and concise way is my mission. I also want to help you create an action plan that is helpful, clear, and reliable. When you identify the changes needed to move closer to your true self, you make the unknown known, you bring clarity, direction and focus to all actions.

As a Fulfilment Coach, I would love to support you in reaching your goals in the best, fastest, and most congruent way possible. My wish for you is that you create the life you know you deserve, feel fulfilled in all areas of your life and bring back the FUN and lightness to your everyday life!

Need answers to the question, “WHO AM I?” Contact me!

Together we can find out which path best suits you, so you can answer the question “Who am I?”. Firstly, you must be willing to move out of your comfort zone and secondly, you need to be open to experience life to its fullest.

“Who am I?” is more than just a simple question. “Who am I?” is a way of living!

If I just described you, book the Right Attitude 1-on-1 coaching program and get back behind the steering wheel of your life. if you still have doubts, hop on a call with me, within 30min we’ll define the first step you need to take to move closer to your truest self, the highest version of you!

May the acceptance of all that is and all that is not be with us all!