Release and Waiver

for Any service done through True Beginning

I  acknowledge that Isabel Faria is an Soul Realignment Practitioner and fulfillment coach, and is in private practice for the purpose of providing spiritual and self-development support using as main modality Soul Realignment. 

I also acknowledge that Isabel Faria is not a medical doctor or mental health care professional, and accordingly cannot and will not provide me with medical advice or psychological advice. I will rely on my own medical practitioner or mental health professional for advice for medical or psychological advice. I will rely on Isabel Faria​ only for the sharing of important skills and tools involved in increasing my spiritual awareness. 

Isabel Faria is a support person who has studied reading the Akashic Records.​ I acknowledge my overall responsibility to advise ​Isabel Faria​ with respect to my levels of comfort and any other topic I see as relevant for the session. I recognize that ultimately it is up to me as to whether I choose to follow the information provided by ​Isabel Faria​. It is recommended to consult with my medical or mental health professional prior to doing so. 

In consideration of the services, information, and support I have received or will hereafter receive from ​Isabel Faria, I hereby hold harmless Isabel Faria and True Beginning from any or all liability in consequence of such services, information and support given, and release and waive all claim for damage howsoever incurred or to be incurred, as a result of such services, information and support. This Release shall be effective and binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and assigns. 

I have read this Release prior to signing and I understand its effect. I am aware that by signing this Release I am waiving certain legal rights, which I or my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and assigns may otherwise have had against Releasees.

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