Free 15min Clarity Call

Free 15min Clarity Call

Free! 15 minutes

VAT exempted according to UStG §19


Free 15min Clarity Call is a great if you are not 100% sure a Self-Acceptance Session is really what you need.

We will have a short conversion on how you are feeling, where you are and where you wish to be. In just one 15min clarity call, YOU will see how valueble Self-Acceptance Sessions are!

Choose your date and time! Contact me via ZOOM to know what great things YOU can make your reality.

A free 15min Clarity Call is that 1st step you need to take in creating your TRUE BEginning.

Love, Isabel


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I am on a journey in understanding discrimination, intolerance, and racism. I wish to learn how to be an antiracist. If you wish to share this journey with my, just sign up for my Newsletter. As a thank you, I am offering 25% discount on your first session, individual or group session, when you sign up for my newsletter.
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