Group session (AKA Family Session)

Having trouble understanding your children? Let’s work together to create the family dynamics you wish for. Book a session now!

400,00  2 hours

VAT exempted according to UStG §19


Family Session valid for:

2 adults & 2 children

1 adult & 3 children

Family session is a great way to see your family dynamics and which choices could lead to a more congruent interaction. During these sessions, I will bring light on who each of you are individually. We will see the family dynamics and how karmic patterns (past habits) are currently showing up and creating friction. I will support you in finding new choices that can break these patterns.

The session is 2 hours longs. These sessions are recorded so you can have access to the information after the session. If you wish to record the session yourself, please let me know at the beginning of the session.

The following bonus for all of you who choose to have a Family Session and by doing so, create harmony at home:

  • Home clearing (valued at 60€) for 0€

Home clearing will align your home to your new family dynamics. More information will be given during your family session.

  • Follow up session (valued at 150€) for 0€. To be scheduled at the end of the Family Session

In this 1 hour session, we will answer any questions related to the family session. This is a great time to:

  1. clarify any information that still is not clear to you
  2. address new situations that seem to cause friction
  3. understand why old karmic patterns are still occurring (this is rarely the case, but it always good to have a second chance at happiness)