1-on-1 Self-Acceptance Coaching Session

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1-on-1 Self-Acceptance Coaching Sessions


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6 Month Self-Acceptance Coaching package

Need help being confident and being seen for who you truly are? Then this coaching package is just what you need!
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1-on-1 Self-Acceptance Coaching Session

Do you passionately know what you want but can’t see how to get there?

1-on-1 Self-Acceptance Coaching Session is exactly what your soul is scream for!

This is exactly what you need!

1-on-1 Self-Acceptance Coaching session is an excellent program for you to become aligned with your current dreams!

It is excellent for you to have the success you know you deserve!

This program WILL support you in creating a solid foundation so that you know how to handle future goals.

My wish for you is that you create from your own personal power!

Once you know where you are and how far you are from your goals, you can define the actions to manifest your desired future!

All this is possible by accessing the Akashic Records. In the Akashic Records I can see alternative paths leading to your goal.

Together we can draw out the best possible path. There is no need for unnecessary risk! There is no need to loose time!

So, when you work with me, I can support…

📌 …YOU to make choices that are more congruent to who you are!

📌… YOU to define congruent actions

📌… YOU to evaluate the actions taken and see if they were taken in the most congruent way. Congruent with YOU and YOUR GOAL.


You define the intention of the 1-on-1 Self-Acceptance Coaching Session package, so that you get exactly what you need!

Why am I the BEST choice to support you?

I have successfully completed all 3 levels of Soul Realignment!

I support people in aligning their physical experience with the soul’s purpose.

I know I can support you in the best possible way.

I know the technique I wish to share with this program WELL. I used it to aligned myself with the beauty of having a baby.

I started this journey just wanting personal growth and the wish to fall pregnant before 40.


After seeing the results and how much joy this work brought me, I MUST share it with you.

Even now, with a small baby, I have time to create a business I love.

It is my desire to help woman so they too can benefit from what I have learnt!

My experience was a long one, it took 4 years to manifest my goal because I did it alone.

If you wish to speed up your results, join me! You are powerful and I am so existed to show you just how powerful you are!

In each call session or email, I will be able to evaluate your progress accessing Akashic Records.


Only when you can evaluate the actions you are taking …

…can you define new action leading to better and more congruent results.


That is why, it is important to know exactly where you are before defining new action.

1-on-1 Self-Acceptance Coaching Session package

10-session 1-on-1 Self-Acceptance Coaching Session package, that is valid for 6 months.

Once you say YES to yourself, I will schedule a 15-min call so we can kick-off your dream life… Together, we will make magic!

10 Self-acceptance coaching session

  • Duration of this package is 6 months
  • There are 3 call sessions of 1 hour where you get the support from the Akashic Records.
    • You will see where you are, what is in your path and
    • what you need to do to reach your goals.
    • We will also define an action plan (roadmap) together so you always know where you are going
  • There are 2 emails supporting you with information from Akashic Records that will:
    • motivate you to take the needed actions
    • Clear any blocks that appeared since the last call session
  • Access to all group call that I will be doing during the 6-month period we work together
  • 5 recorded lessons, weekly affirmations, meditation and worksheets.
    • will show you how to identify subconscious blocks,
    • listen to the lessons these blocks bring you (when needed) and
    • then how to release the blocks through new action.

The call sessions are so full of information that in order for you to benefit from all the information, they are recorded.

Listening to the recording is a great way for you to access the information after the session.

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