Individual Sessions
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Individual Sessions

299,00  1 hour

VAT exempted according to UStG §19

I wish to invite you to experience a Self-acceptance session.

These sessions are based on Soul Realignment, a modality that allows you to find out who you are at soul level



Do you feel like life is never giving you the break you deserve?

I invite you for an Individual Sessions!

Individual sessions are exactly what you need to bring clarity and power back to you!

Individual sessions are great to shine light on who you are.

By accessing the Akashic Records, I can help you make choices that are more congruent to who you are and what really makes you shine.

So that your session is just what you need, you define the aim of these sessions with the intention you write for the session.

Soul Realignment Individual Sessions

Soul Realignment is a modality which helps align the physical experience with the soul’s purpose.

I have successfully completed all 3 levels of Soul Realignment and know that I can support you in the best possible way.

All souls have the purpose of experiencing themselves fully. Especially in this physical experience, where polarity exists, your soul can experience itself when you act in a congruent manner (positive experience) or when you are incongruent (negative experience).

Negative just means incongruent in Soul Realignment, so NO JUDGEMENT.

These sessions are great for you to find how to act in a congruent manner, they really help you become attuned with who you are. This attunement will allow you to make new choices and take new actions that are congruent with your true self, creating a new beginning, a True BEginning.

As a self acceptance Coach, I highly recommend Coaching Sessions with me as a support to you Soul Realignment session. They are great for you to know if the actions you are taking are aligning you with your goal and also how you can accelerate your manifestation process.

Remember, to manifest anything in the physical world, you need to take aligned action.

Individual Session Duration: 1 hour long.

They are so full of information! It is my wish that you benefit from all the information and that is why these sessions are recorded. This is a great way for you to access the information after the session.

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