Family dynamics made fun program
Having trouble understanding your children? Let’s work together to create the family dynamics you wish for. Book a session now!

Family Dynamics Made Fun program

You might be asking yourself,

Is “Family Dymanics Made Fun” program something for you?

Well, “Family Dymanics Made Fun” is perfect if you…

  • feel misunderstood, not recognized, or ignored!
  • are trying so hard to please everyone at home but never seem to get any recognition!
  • have tried to improve communication but always end up with the SAME misunderstandings, the SAME fights, and the SAME demotivating results!

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Then “Family Dynamics Made Fun” program is for you!

You are at the right place if you wish to understand and accept other members of your family!

You are at the right place if you wish to create a better relationship with your children, spouse, parents, siblings!


This is my invitation to you to start experiencing a FUN Family Dynamics.

I invite you to invest in your family, to invest in “Family Dynamics Made FUN” program.

Feeling disconnected from your family or your partner?

“Family Dynamics Made Fun” program is a great program supporting you to change your current family dynamics.

“Family Dynamics Made Fun” program is valid for anyone looking to improve their family relationships.

“Family Dynamics Made Fun” program…

✔ will support YOU in improving your family dynamics

✔ will promote acceptance for all family members

✔ will help you make choices that will lead you to a more congruent interaction

✔ release the family from repeating events that are causing frustration and pain

✔ remove any source of dense energy that is creating friction at home

✔ support you over the period of 2 months with coaching calls so you are always on track

💕 this program will bring UNCONDITIONAL LOVE into your family environment!

Each session/ call is maximum 1 hour long.

These sessions are recorded so you can have access to the information after the session.

“Family Dynamics Made Fun” program consists of

  • 3 coaching session (using Akashic Records, Chakra Balancing and Spirit guide coaching and healing) scheduled within 2 months

A great way to start working on your family dynamics is to get to know each member at Soul Level. You also get to know who you Truly ARE.

This is a great way to START a TRUE BEginning!

  • Home clearing
  • monthly support calls

These monthly support calls are a great place for you to:

  1. get support from the Akashic Records. Akashic records are an energetic database that records all actions taken by any individual. This database will have the answers to your questions and allow see what actions you are taking that are incongruent to your goals!
  2. Working on the 3 areas:
    1. Do I belong?
    2. Do I matter?
    3. Am I safe?

I invite you to schedule a clarity session so we can see how this program can create fun in your current experience.🥰



“Yes, thanks so much. I truly appreciate your efforts. They have made real a difference for Wendy and me.”

Bill Hess from USA

“My experience with Isabel was truly magical. I didn’t know what to expect when it came to the Akashic Records–something I’ve always been curious to experience–and Isabel gave me a quick rundown of the structure, while also allowing room for me to ask questions. I felt and still feel like I, and my family, were and are in very safe hands. If you have blocks, quesitons, or patterns in your life that you simply don’t understand, please reach out to her. The Family Session I had with Isabel was illuminating. I’m now able to unravel some patterns that have been hindering my happiness (some of which I didn’t even realize were connected). Thank you, Isabel, for you kind, gentle spirit and your amazing work. <3”

Tracey-Ann Rose from USA


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