28-day chakra card challenge

True Beginning – 28-day Chakra Card Challenge

This 28-day Chakra Card Challenge is for you if you feel you’ve been rejected by your peers, both personally and professionally just because you’re both a mom that has a profession.

If this is you, then it’s my mission to support you connecting with your inner power and purpose. It’s time you started feeling fulfilled in every area of your life.

The 28-day Chakra Card Challenge is exactly for you if you feel:

  1. misunderstood
  2. controlless in your life
  3. or suffering from fears, stress, overwhelm and guilt.

If this is exactly how you feel, join me in my next challenge and change how you allow yourself to experience your life.

Here are some testimonials from wonderful woman who have joined me.💕💕💕


This 28-day Chakra Card challenge is how I realign my chakras with my current life situation.

Because life does happen, it’s so important to be up for the new challenges life brings!

This amazing challenge will support you in:

  1. Releasing stress, overwhelm, and pain,
  2. being understood, supported, and  in control of your life
  3. feeling energized for any situation,
  4. understanding why you’ve been through challenging issues and,
  5. bringing the feeling of joy and safety into your life.


How does the 28-day Chakra Card challenge work?

  1.              You’ll have access to a Facebook group where everyday you’ll connect with the cards and choose a card for the day.
  2.              You’ll receive my daily guidance on how to benefit from the chosen chakra card during the next 24 hours.
  3.              There will be 6 meditations to heal any deep energy blocks in each chakra.
  4.              You’ll be receiving an attunement to the cards. Great for those who have the cards or wish to pre-order them (option to order is available), but also very helpful for all of you who will be using the card images in the group.
  5.              3 LIVE Q&As calls to support you during the challenge


The 28-day Chakra Card challenge will be:

  1. Activating your chakras, connecting you with the message your chakra has to help you reach the life you deserve.
  2. Balancing your chakras and aligning them with your goal for 2021.
  3. Connecting you with the energy of my Chakra Cards for that energy support.

The 28-day Chakra Card challenge will start on a Full Moon so that we work on our energy while connecting and respecting the energy of the universe. So, each day we connect with the energy of the different moon phases too.

Can’t wait to experience this with you.

If you wish to know more about the challenge or how I can support you, just invite me to a clarity session.

And, if you wish to experience the energy of the card first, here is a link to one of my Facebook group LIVEs where I often work with the energy of my cards. In this specific LIVE, I worked with the card Temperance.

Here is a link to my Facebook Group, True BEginning.

“I highly recommend doing the chakra card challenge with Isabel. My name is Kim Cardeccia and, I’m guessing (…) that you are curious about or considering embarking on this adventure, and I can’t encourage you enough. When I did the challenge with her, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much power were in the energy of the cards and how Isabel’s wisdom and soft touch allowed me to sink deeper into who I am and allow me to be able to interact with the world and myself differently. So I consider it to be an incredibly wise investment. The work that I share in the world is energetic rehab with horses and humans. (…) and with some of what I discovered in the challenge allowed me to be able to relate to my horses better. And it helped my business exponentially. So do it. Just do it. Thank you for watching. And do it!”

Kim Cardeccia

“Hi, my name’s Janice and I wanted to share my experience with the 28-day checker card challenge that Isabel facilitated. I found the experience really engaging and it was fun. The cards I love the size of them. There was meaning behind the colors and the shapes that were on them and then how they aligned with the different chakras within our bodies so we could use them for inspiration, messages, insights, and invitation. I also really like how Isabel would come up with new ways to engage the group and the participants, encourage sharing, and the different ways that we were able to interact with the cards. And then within the group and the Facebook group and on the videos, it was a great chance to share and be seen and to just experience a new way to tap into intuition, receive messages and insights. So I found it to be a wonderful experience. And so if you have a chance to join into this offering, it would be great. Isabel has a very light, approachable, gentle, very insightful, and engaging manner that draws you in and wants you to really engage in the process that she is helping to facilitate. So I hope you join in on her offering.”

Janice Ranger Fortney


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