1 Luna Light Luna Right Energy Healing

1 Luna Light Luna Right Energy Healing or Akashic Download


Using the moon energy to release past limiting beliefs and energy blocks.

Join me and receive the right energy to act in spite of fear, in spite of other people’s opinions and judgements.

This is the recipe for you to become successful, for you to have the Right Attitude!


The 1 Luna Light Luna Right Energy Healing or Akashic Download will help all of us release what no longer serves us or allow for a new download of energy to come to us when the new moon arrives.

The 1 Luna Light Luna Right Energy Healing or Akashic Download group session is a great way to help make 2021 a fulfilled and beautiful year.

Each session will allow us to leave all the fears and limiting beliefs that 2020 brought into our life or brought awareness to.

The 1 Luna Light Luna Right Energy Healing or Akashic Download will prepare for 2021 and beyond with the Right Attitude.

Why I’ve got the Right Attitude to support you:

I was once blocked in my fears, mainly the fear of being judged and not having control. These fears were camouflaged as pride, aggression and defensiveness.

So, you see, I know your pain, I understand you.

I noticed myself created bondages by connecting with my higher self (the truest version of who I am).

Once I allowed my true self to be, I started seeing:

📌 how much society had conditioned me,

📌 how much pain I hid inside of me,

📌 how much pain I was causing others because of my unconscious actions.

That’s when I decided to release myself from those bondages that I allowed into my life.

I have done a lot of work to release those past pains, to remove my guard and to be open to love and support.

I mission here is to support you releasing your pain, fears and guard with unconditional love, understanding and acceptance.

I use mainly Global Healing for my sessions, but I am also using NLP, Ho’oponopono, Soul Realignment and I work together with my wonderful Spirit Guide Team.

If you wish to join me in this experience, get your ticket below. Invest in the new year, invest in your happiness.

These sessions will be about releasing beliefs that don’t value you!

Release limiting beliefs that don’t let you experience life fully.

With the 24 Luna Light Luna Right Energy Healing and Akashic Downloads, you prepare yourself for a great new year by releasing old thoughts, beliefs and ideals.


“Thoroughly engaging! Isabel is a natural channel for energy work, and a beautiful soul… it can be felt and sensed during the sessions.

Do not hesitate (to work with Isabel)- you’ll be doing yourself a big favour to receive an energy session from Isabel! She is such a kind, compassionate, and an intuitive channel for calling in (and seeing) powerful shifts and transformations needed, for our Highest Good.”

Michi T. from  Seattle, USA


“Isabel works very thoroughly and discover deep, hidden blockages.”

Nicole from San Diego, USA

” Isabel brings clarity and love to her sessions guiding you to move in positive directions.”

Wendy from Virginia, USA

“It is power, we are power and we sometimes need a little push to realize what this means. Isabel’s honesty in helping us do this without tampering or influencing our inner ME is brilliant. Love it.”  

António Faria  from Braga, Portugal

“Isabel’s voice, in itself, carries healing. Listening to her, you immediately feel in a cocoon and cared for. Her lecture of my energy was right on and it was really helpful to have someone put words on the fuzzy thoughts and feelings inside of me. I feel I have more power on certain situations now. She also highlighted some behavior to watch out for and it makes perfect sense. The session was very enlightening and I can’t wait for my next one!”  

Sujata Vadlamudy from  Montréal, Canada

“I would recommend a session like this because it is gentle, insightful, gives one time to feel the feelings and have them move through as they arise and is wrapped up without a lot of loose ends and homework.  I do a good deal of self work on a daily basis and sometimes it’s nice to show up and receive the energy that’s available during a session.

Isabel takes much care in her interactions and sessions.  The joy she has in sharing her gifts is delightful to be a part of.  She is well versed in the modalities she offers and is very receptive to teaching and sharing feedback to inquiries.”

Janice  from Livonia USA

“Isabel is gentle AND powerful. Her work in the Akashic records in not passively healing. It is empowering. Energizing. Freeing. I felt many opportunites open up to my consciousness that were always withing my reach. But now I know I’m capable to utilize them.

Working with you is always a joy.”

Tracey-Ann Rose from Smyrna, Georgia, United States of America


“If you feel like you have hit a brick wall and need a way to find the door. Use this session to open the path. Your brick wall is the negative energies you are facing.

Set yourself free from the shackles that hold you back. These sessions remind you of who you are and re-lights the path of where you are going.

I am more self-aware of my thoughts and actions. I have noticed the difference in the energies around me. I realized that I have so much around me that is filled with love and happiness and this is where my focus should be. Gratitude”

ZV from Grays, United Kingdom

Let’s do all that is in our power to make 2021 a better year.

36,00  60 minutes

VAT exempted according to UStG §19


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