Feeling stuck and just don’t know why? Share below, let’s make sense it together!

I know that when we embrace our diversity and support each other we are stronger. I hope to show you how to achieve that in my work as a Soul Realignment Practitioner.

All your thought, questions and comments allow me to do my soul purpose in the best possible way.

I am so excited to read what you have written. Thank you for sharing with me.

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Isabel2 weeks ago

I received another heart warming message. This time it was Janice F who made my soul smiling. Thank you Janice 💕
“Thank you, thank you so much for the information that was shared during my Soul Realignment session. I felt what was shared was delivered in such a calm yet very powerful way that will create a pathway for some beautiful shifts to occur for my soul’s highest good.
I am deeply grateful for the bonus of the home clearing. With spending so much more time at home recently, it is so important to have as clear and high vibrational space as possible during this time to support inner exploration, healing and creative inspiration and play.
I am even more deeply in awe of the grace and emotional intelligence of the Akashic Records and how they truly stand at the ready to guide our souls to the infinite source of home and love. It was an honor to spend time in this grace with you.
I wish you a beautiful day and a continued blossoming and sharing of your amazing and intuitive gifts.”

Maren Zimmermann2 weeks ago

My experience with Isabel was truly awesome. She is like a true friend who sees you, knows you and understands you so deep that you want her to help you move forward!
She introduced me to me and I am so grateful to her for being in my life. She is like the sister I never had and we don’t even know each other that well!
If you want to know who you are and where you are, you have to work with Isabel! Love to you all

Tracey-Ann Rose1 month ago

My experience with Isabel was truly magical.

I didn’t know what to expect when it came to the Akashic Records–something I’ve always been curious to experience–and Isabel gave me a quick rundown of the structure, while also allowing room for me to ask questions. I felt and still feel like I, and my family, were and are in very safe hands.

If you have blocks, quesitons, or patterns in your life that you simply don’t understand, please reach out to her. The Family Session I had with Isabel was illuminating. I’m now able to unravel some patterns that have been hindering my happiness (some of which I didn’t even realize were connected).

Thank you, Isabel, for you kind, gentle spirit and your amazing work. <3

Isabel2 months ago

I received these heart warming words from a wonderful person, thank you Janice for taking the time to let me know how Soul Realignment has impacted your life💕.
“Isabel Faria I have been so enamored with what I learned from my soul reading and realignment with you. I am reading the affirmation every morning. I am astounded at how accurate the information is especially when you only used limited information. Thank you so much. I would love to gift my daughter a session with you.
🙏😇 “

Zenia3 months ago

I knew I needed change and I needed to try and make sense of my life’s journey so far. I knew I had to take the first step, but this was not an easy one for me. The Soul Realignment session and Isabel’s guidance have had a profound impact on my life. Isabel was so re-assuring, calming, clear and helpful. I cannot thank her enough for helping me every step of the way and I will be returning for more sessions as I now feel like I am set on my true path of discovery and happiness. Thank you, Isabel for everything, thank you for your patience, empathy and guidance, you are a true practitioner in every sense of the word.