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Awaken Your Inner Feminine Power 5-day Challenge

Join my Facebook group TRUE BEGINNING to experience the Awaken your Inner Feminine Power Challenge.

It is going to transform your life!

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Hi, i’m Isabel the founder of True Beginning. I support unfulfilled moms who are creative and PROs in all areas of their lives but they fill stuck, scared and unable to move forward and experience life fully and truly.

I support unfulfilled moms become PROMOMs by accessing their INNER FEMININE POWER and purpose, bring the needed energy back into their being so they can move out of their comfort zone, regain respect (also self-respect) and experience a life filled with abundance.

If you identify with what I’ve written above, then you need to invest in future… Now!

How much do you need to invest?

Well, only 1 hour a day, for 5 days.

YES, only 1 hour a day for 5 days (see image for more information) and you’ll tranform your life for good!

Awaken your Inner Feminine Power 5-day Challenge

If you don’t believe me, here are some of the amazing things people that have worked with me have shared. People that have experienced this challenge and know how powerful it is.

Thought provoking. Made me re-look at the past from a different perspective. Cleared up some of the ‘’why is this happening to me’’ situations. It made me re-evaluate the things that no longer serve me. Made me realise I put a lot of unnecessary stress on myself in certain situations… But mostly it made me look at things differently and made me think more before I act (or at least I try to do that more still a working progress – Bad habits die hard)

Zenia V, London

Yes, I have seen changes (like written above): I have sensed my own power and was able to choose in favor of me. Also, in interactions with other people I am more clear, what I want and I express that. So that relieves a lot of stress, because in the past I always tried to please other people. That lead to resentments or unhappiness.

Joana, Germany

Here are some comments from lovely ladies in my group True Beginning.

I felt like this was already supporting me day even though I missed it live. Just because I had set the intention to be with you” – MC

“Thank you! Fantasic, as always.” – T-AR

So now is the best time for you to take action!

Join me and a group of amazing women.

Let’s bring change into the world, by changing ourselves first

Love and light,