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5 tips to declutter your home

  • 14. January 2021
  • Isabel
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Why decluttering? Why 5 tips to declutter your home?

Well, decluttering can change your life. When you remove what no longer serves you, you open to new feelings like happiness, freedom and being in control of your life.

Clutter at home is the physical representation of how you feel, how you deal with your feelings, and how you express your feelings.

If you tend to hold on to past pains, then I am sure you have a full closet (wardrobe). You certainly have a lot of old things laying aroung, things filled with memories.

By holding on to memories you hope to justify your pain. You feel there is a reason for your pain.

The truth is you choose to bring into your home the energy of suffering. You choose to remind yourself of past, painful memories.

With some much stuff, it becomes almost impossible to relax when you’re at home. You can’t relax and enjoy the time at home because your memories are draining your energy.

In the post, I’m sharing 5 tips to declutter your home because the number 5 represents change, and this year, 2021, is all about changing the way we live so we can reconnect with the experience we wish to enjoy.

If you’re reading this, and you relate to what I’ve written until now, these 5 tips to declutter your home are really going to help you declutter your home.

These tips are going to help release the memories connected with the stuff you no longer want at home.

By taking action, by throwing away what you don’t need, you’re letting the universe know,

“I am ready to experience a new energy at home. I wish to feel calm, focused and present at home and when I’m spending time with my family.”

5 tips to declutter your home

1. Make the choice to follow the 5 tips to declutter your home

First thing to do when you have decided to declutter your home is to choose a date, place it in your calendar.

Then on the day, make sure you:

  1. you wake up early and fresh,
  2. you have someone help you, that doesn’t listen to you excuse.
  3. and you have food at home, no excuses to leave the house until your done

2. Get organized before the day

Now that you have the date, get ready for it. Organize how you’re going to divide the stuff you you’re ready to let go of. I always suggest 3 piles

  1. Through away pile
  2. Give away pile
  3. Sell pile

Before the day, get boxes and rubbish bags. Label the boxes with the type of stuff you’re going place in them, where you’re sending them and, if you’re sell, how much you’re going to ask for the box (this is a cool energy trick, it helps you focus, have an incentive and bring money your way).

3. Bring to you the right energy to declutter your home

The night before your big day, sit with your thoughts and feelings. Allow yourself to recognize how uncomfortable it will be, the fear of releasing something that might be needed. Sit with those feelings, allow them to share with you why they exist.

Then, when you’ve connected with your feelings, repeat these words until you feel relief in your chest.

Thank you for sharing. I am ready now. Everything is ok.

4. Declutter your home – the action

On the day, remove judgement and just go through every drawer, closet, cupboard and remove all items (I mean all items) that haven’t been used for over 2-3 years. Place all items that are throw away items into a rubbish bag. Once the bag is full, get it out of the way, or even better, put it in the car to take to a recycle centre near you.

The give-aways and the sell items go into boxes and before giving them away, imagine how much joy they’ll bring to someone else. Release those items with an open and lovely heart.

5. Ending the action “declutter-your-home” the right way

On the day of decluttering your home, make sure you remove all boxes and bags from your home. Don’t do it the next day… the next day might not come.

Now, that you have created space in your home, space for new and exciting things to come to you. Take a moment, be proud!

See how much you’ve done, feel the energy around you. Feeling how light, calm and fresh it is. Then smile and repeat 5x

“I invite ___________ (add what you wish to have) into my home now.”

Anchore this feeling by touching your heart and repeating:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

These 5 tips are great to help you release your home from things that no longer serve you. By doing this, you’re removing the invisible chains (shackles) you have attached to your mind.

The power of physically letting go of what no longer serves you is going to help you with your mental health and your soul’s wellbeing.

So decide to let go of those pants that don’t fit you.

Make a stand as you get rid of those dishes, the ones that bring bad memories about being criticized or judged for not meeting someone else’s standards.

After such a great job releasing yourself from past pains and making space for something new, it’s time to bring something new into your home.

Allow yourself to buy something you’ve always wished you had but didn’t have the space for it.

Once you have that new item, take some time to enjoy the feeling. Enjoy how that 1 action, declutter-your-home action makes you feel. Then, ask yourself,

“Was it worth it?”

I’m 100% sure, it was!

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