Opening your heart to kindness through self-forgiveness

Opening your heart to kindness through self-forgiveness

  • 2. January 2021
  • Isabel
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Two years ago, I read an interview with Professor Dr. James Doty about opening your heart to kindness through self-forgiveness.

There is a statement that, for me, focuses on the main block society has nowadays, ‘the need for control’. It is written as follows: ‘…for many years I based everything alone on my brain’s knowledge … because I wanted to have everything under control…’ (not the exact words as I am translating from German).

Opening your heart to kindness through self-forgiveness will help you manifest in love

He says that it is possible to manifest what each person wishes for but only when living in the present moment. Awareness allows the process of manifestation to take place.

We need to remember that when awareness is present, and kindness is forgotten, manifesting what you think you want (or need) can go wrong. Without kindness, the power of being present, your awareness, will transform you into a selfish, arrogant and lonely person

The process of opening your heart to kindness through self-forgiveness takes discipline

Kindness is possible when the heart is open. To open ones’ heart you need discipline, you need a process to follow. This process starts with a simple step, self-forgiveness.

People tend to close their heart to avoiding seeing the truth about who they are as a complete being. Like everything in the universe, there are 2 sides, polarity… there is positive and there is negative… there is up because there is down… you cannot define right-side if there would be no left-side…

Both are valid and equally important. Both are necessary to have balance! But, in today’s society, we are trained, because the word ‘educate’ would require love, to avoid the side we don’t like. We choose to close our heart and live a lie. Only with a lot of self-forgiveness, when opening our heart, can we face the other side, the side we’ve ignored, with love, acceptance, and nonjudgement.

After opening your heart to kindness through self-forgiveness, allow acceptance and trust to light up your life

After self-forgiveness comes acceptance. We need to accept that we create our own reality. The statement ‘all that I have and all that I lack, is a result of all that I allow myself to be and that is why the world is perfect’ is a great affirmation when going through self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Lastly, we need to learn how to trust. We tend to protect ourselves from the unknown, from new and exciting possibilities. We do this to avoid suffering. The saying, ‘better the devil you know then the one you don’t know’, is how we currently live our everyday life. We do not trust that all that will happen, our unknown devils, will lead us to where we need to be, and allow us to let go of the past, the devils we know. Only when we accept the unknown devils can we move forward.

Trust in ourselves, in situations and in other people is equally important for our happiness and abundance in this physical experience. Professor Dr. James Doth mentions that relationships are very important for our well-being. When we interact with other people with similar likes, the reward-centre in our brain is activated and we get the same comforting feeling as when we do sports or eat chocolate.

When we are willing to trust others and show kindness, everything becomes easier. We can share our workload, we can share our feelings and, finally, we get to share our kindness… this means, we get to give, and we get to receive from others.

One of the things Professor Dr. James Doty learnt from the “roller-coaster” of life, was that there will always be ups and downs in life, the secret is to let them go. If we hold onto good moments we build up expectations that will lead to disappointment and frustration and, if we hold onto negative moments we loose trust and close our hearts to true love, happiness and abundance.

Is your heart open?

I can support you through this process. How? Click here, schedule 30-min of open and honest sharing. Schedule a 30-min Clarity Call so we can see if what I have to offer, my love offer, is what you need.

May the acceptance of that is/ is not be with us all.

2 thoughts on “Opening your heart to kindness through self-forgiveness

  1. This is such an important message. The duality we experience in the world is reflecting back our own depth. What a beautiful celebration of life and all that we are.

    1. Hi Tracey-Ann, Thanks for sharing💕
      I usually use the word polarity instead of duality. Polarity is part of life, the physical manifestation requires polarity.
      Duality is when we place judgement on how we see the polarity.
      For example, left can’t exist without right. But, if we believe that right side is stronger and more powerful, we reject left… It’s still there, but we ignore it and think life is better without it… then we get back pain😉😘
      This is just a fun way of seeing it. But you are right. This polarity exists inside of our being… and our experience of the world depends on how balanced we are within.
      Nothing has meaning, except the meaning we give it!

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