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PROMOM goal 2, changing goals to great goals

  • 25. November 2020
  • Isabel
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Let me share my knowledge on a common question about setting a PROMOM goal, a great goal.

“How do I change my current goal and make it a PROMOM goal, a great goal?”

First, I would like to share with you what makes a goal great. PROMOM goal is a goal that is so well defined that it’s prone for success. As long as, you stay aligned and continue to take action, consistent action, you’re going to reach the goal… actually, you’re going to break through it.

Breaking through a goal is when you reach it and more. Not only have you reach your desired outcome but you’ve taken a few step beyond that goal, you’re already moving towards the next goal without any extra effort, some times you’re not even aware of how far you are until you stop, glimpse back and see how high you’ve climbed.

Going back to our question, what is the best way to change a current goal into a PROMOM goal? Let me explain this using an example.

Let’s use the example, “I want to get a raise”. In this example, the goal is very vague. When I look at this goal and don’t identify the want and need of the person. This goal is too impersonal that it actually feels impossible.

There is nothing I feel I can do to get the results I wish for in this goal. I am a victim of my own goal because I have just allowed someone else to control me so I can please them enough for them to give me the money I desire.

This simple goal, ” I want a raise.”, simply says “I’ll do anything you wish and when you are ready, I gladly accept what you have to offer.”. This is exactly how I would define a victim, wouldn’t you?

When we go deeper, and ask just one of the questions that I shared in the previous Blog post, we’ll make this goal more reachable because it will connect us with the goal and give us the power to reach the results we wish to get. that’s a PROMOM goal.

Focus questions when defining a PROMOM goal:

Here are some of those questions. Just by choosing one, you will go from being a victim of your goal, to the person in control of your actions towards reaching the desired outcome. these questions are needed for defining a PROMOM goal.

  1. What do I want?
  2. What do I need?
  3. Is this goal 100% my responsibility?
  4. Do I already have the necessary tools to reach the goal?
    1. If not, what subgoal do I need to prepare me for this goal?
  5. How will I measure my success?
  6. When do I expect to reach this goal?
    1. Is this milestone reasonable?
  7. What frequency should I use to control my alignment with the goal?

There are other questions you can ask yourself. For me these are the most important ones. They align you with the goal, they give you feedback about necessary changes, they also bring focus and allow you to create a bulletproof action plan.

When defining a PROMOM goal, allow yourself to explore what works for you. Do you need all these questions? Are you asking too many questions, and by doing so self-sabotaging your success? How comfortable are you with what you’ve defined?

If you’re too comfortable, your goal isn’t bold enough… ask for more. If you’re scared and fear is blocking you from taking action, step back and break your goal in subgoals. Let each subgoal be a steppingstone leading you to your success.

Now back to our example, “I want a raise.” This goal tells me very little. When I read it I have so many questions, such as:

💲 Do I just want money, how much do I want?

💲 Do I want more money to pay for something, what do I want to buy, pay, or have?

💲 Do I want more money to have respect?

💲 What else would I be happy with?

💲 Is money the best result? If yes, how much?

So, my true WANT is hidden in this goal. Now, as an exampl, if I consider that I want money to pay for something, then my goal shifts from

“I want a raise.”


“I want 1k€ more per month because I wish to buy a house and need that extra money to keep my lifestyle and purchase the house.”

When I look at this new goal, I directly see what is motivating me and how I can measure my results. But, this goal is missing something that is VERY important. I need to be 100% responsible for it. It’S still not a PROMOM goal.

In this case, the money is given by someone else, so I have no power over the decision to give the 1k€. I am giving my power away. I am still the victim of someone else’s actions.

Knowing this, I need to shift the goal again. I need to place myself as the subject of this goal. I need to achieve it alone. That means, I need to see what actions I can take that will allow the person responsible for giving the raise to have no option but decide to give me the raise.

Here, I can look for other possibilities that will bring in the same result, such as apply for new positions, try to create the amount by selling things or using a talent and doing something on the side. I can also, go to the person in charge of these decisions and create a written agreement where we both define actions (reasonable and achievable actions) that will lead me to the value I have defined as essential to fulfil my desire of buying a new house (which is my ultimate goal).

This means I go from the focus money to my actions to get that money.

My new PROMOM goal becomes:

“I wish to purchase a new house that is big enough for my family without having any money issues limiting my current lifestyle. For that, I need a raise of 1000€ per month that I’ll get at the end of 12 months if I fulfill complete all tasks defined in the written agreement with my boss.”

In this new goal, you know what you need to do, how long it will take, you have subgoals defined in the agreement with your boss which you can measure in weekly meeting with him (don’t forget to have a minutes for your discussion stating your progress. You know what you what and your need for it.

This is a PROMOM goal, the need of having place for your family is so clear. You know how much you’ll benefit from reaching the goal, you can image the feeling of being there and having space. You also know why the raise is necessary, so the extra money won’t be used for unnecessary things. You what a place of your own, where everyone feels comfortable and has space. This will help you place the money in the house, not in other pleasure, because they aren’t your focus now… they’re great things and make you feel good, but they aren’t your focus.

Make any goal a PROMOM goal requires:

📌 Time

📌 Focus

📌 Honesty

📌 and, the will to change how you have been showing up.

Once you’ve embraced these concepts, questioned your wants and needs, and made yourself 100% responsible for reaching the goal. How can you fail!

Enjoy changing your goals into great goals. Enjoy being 100% responsible for your happiness. Enjoy life fully and truly.

This is the best time to start your True Beginning. So, sit down, and create a goal, a PROMOM goal, for 2021.

Can’t wait to read what you’ve defined. Can’t wait to see you creating miracles!💕

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