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  • 26. October 2020
  • Isabel
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Hello all the PROMOMs out there, this is Isabel Faria from True Beginning. It’s in True Beginning where I supports unfulfilled creative women who feel put aside or isolated by society. I support them accessing the inner feminine power and purpose, so they move out of their comfort zone, regain respect, and experience an abundant life.

Women – how complete we already are!

Enough is really enough, recognizing all you already have, your a PROMOM
Women are so much more than what we allow ourself to show. Break free from the chains that are limiting your life experience! Access your Inner Feminine Power and become a PROMOM.

I love supporting women and my focus is supporting moms becoming PROMOMS. In reality, all women need to have balance between their goals and their personal life. All women feel, at some point, divided between success and happiness. Being a PROMOM, will give you the tools to create a life with both dreams and duties, exciting balance, and all that you have dreamed of! All it takes is The Right Attitude!

I’m a strong believer that to change the future we need to change how children are seen and supported by their parents.  

children's traits or troubles
PROMOMs shine and show their little ones how to shine too! Be an example of how great life can be.
Encourage your children to experiencing the life they wish for!

As a new mom, I’m experiencing the need to constantly question status quo and challenge beliefs that were imposed on me but were never what I believed. I’m constantly moving away from my limiting beliefs and embracing new, exciting truths!

That is why, I focus on women going through similar experiences like I’m going through now as a new mom and a women in a foreign country, working in a male-dominated environment.

One challenge I am constantly facing is time. I have a great relationship with time, but when it comes to adding others into that relationship… bring my son and husband into my time management, having government decided my freedom, things get a bit shaky. But, I know it’s a short period and that if I stick to what is asked, it will be over soon, so I am learning how to adjust and I wish to share that with you.

That is why I chose “How to define great goals, how to be efficient” as the topic of this post.

I’ve noticed a lot of moms going through similar stress as I’m experiencing during 2020, COVID experience. 2020 has been the longest year ever…


Stress, in my way of evaluating the world, comes into our lives when we focus on the future and we create expectations about that future that aren’t reachable, achievable and measurable.

A goal (according to NLP) that is reachable (reasonable) is a goal that we can have with the resources available to us now or in the near future. 

Achievable goals are goals that depend only on the person with the goal. I can achieve success if it’s completely a puzzle, only when I’ve all the pieces. If, for some reason, someone else has just 1 piece, I’m not 100% responsible for the results, so my goal might not be achieved. This uncertainty creates a feels of being helpless or powerless over your own life. Can be a breaker, so be very clear what is 100% up to you or make what you wish for 100% up to you!

Measuring progress is the only way to evaluate if you are on the right track, if you’re moving towards your goals! Measuring where you are and knowing where you wish to be allows you the clarity needed to reach amazing results! this can be tricky to do alone, so when possible, ask for help. Invite someone you trust to be the light that will allow you to see the way to your success!

The Right Attitude 1:1 Coaching program

I have my program The Right Attitude 1:1 coaching to offer you. It’s a great program to support women, specifically moms (or moms for the second time, grandmoms) in balancing their PROfessional life with their MOM role at home. It will truly allow any women access their inner feminine power, connect with their purpose and soul, and that the needed action to building the life they know they deserve!

If you know you deserve more than what you currently have, what you’re currently experiencing, then this program is for you!

If you still have questions or wish to experience my work, then schedule a clarity call with me. Use this link and invite me for a 30min connection call. Let’s see how I can support you getting exactly what you deserve!

Remember, everything is possible as long as you embrace your PROMOMness!







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