Antiracism and convenience

Antiracism and Convenience

  • 15. June 2020
  • Isabel
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The number 1 reason racism wins is convenience! Let’s see why Antiracism and convenience just don’t mix!

Antiracism and convenience don’t really go together. In our current life experience, we become too used to convenience, everything is so easy nowadays that we are allowing our LAZYness to overpower our FREE WILL. For me, that is how THE PEOPLE give the control of their lives away, that is how dictatorship and fascism gain power over the people!

Let me start from the beginning, from the tragedy that pushed me to write about my experience of becoming an antiracist.

May 25th, it seems like yesterday but it was 3 weeks ago… do you see what I mean… Time goes by, we use excuses to justify why we can’t focus on something,…

why it isn’t our topic,…

why we are not so important to have an impact… all excuses, all because we live in a extremely comfortable time.

A time where it is just too hard for Antiracism and convenience is just so freaking easy, familiar, comfortable…

On May 25th, when my husband told me that another African American had died due to police brutality. I was shocked and sad but hadn’t read anything about it so it was “not my issue”.

When I finally read some news on the topic, more information but “no one knows what really happened, so not my issue”.

Then I saw a picture, just 1 picture and I I didn’t need to see any more. I saw that there was no way anyone could justify what I was looking at. This was murder, this was bad, this now became my topic!

This is my issue!

It was now my topic, so I bought books to understand better the pain and discrimination felt by the majority of the black community in America. I directly related it with the pain felt in South Africa during the Apartheid.

I felt shame, guilt, sadness, and every other emotion you can think of when it comes to racism.

Usually we move away from these emotions, so called “negative” emotions.

I think that “negative” emotions are the only emotions that have enough energy for us to change things. The problem is, they come with huge amount of power and drive, and then fade away. They fade fast, almost as fast as they came to us… and it just becomes “not my issue” again.

That happened to me. I started writing about becoming an Antiracism. I got the shame, guilt and sadness washed out of my system with the share. And then, I moved on with my life. I continued with my projects, my plans, my all-that-my-privileged life allows me to do.

I didn’t forget! I just kept justifying why there were more important tasks at the moment than Antiracism and convenience took my FREE WILL away and took control over my life.

You know what made me active again, another situation of police brutality. Just this time, on an elderly man. I was not strong enough to take this step by myself.

I was not strong enough to put Antiracism and convenience on the scale and choose, consciously choose, antiracism.

So, someone had to suffer and wake me up.

I hope you are awake to. I hope your need to become an antiracist is greater than your comfort of convenience.

I hope the need for antiracism and convenience is understood. I hope that our comfort and convenience doesn’t cause damage to the world. damage that we can’t repair.

I watched the movie Idiocracy and thought “this will never happen”… I was wrong! It is happening and will continue to happen, unless we do our part to avoid it. We all have to do our part, and vote. Doesn’t matter for whom you vote for, just do it!

Vote thinking about how you wish to live in 5 years from now.

Vote thinking how you wish your children live and the opportunities you wish for them.

Vote thinking how important your neighbour is or how important the small shop near your home is.


If convenience is one of your goals, then you need to act accordingly. Don’t allow convenience to run your life, allow it to make your life, the life you have chosen to live, just that much nicer.

We all have the tendency to justify our convenience by vilifying races. It allows us to sit at home, call ourselves “good people”, “people of God”, because we condemn the “weaker”, “less pure” races. We even do this within our own race.

We vilify to justify and feel good about acting against our truest nature, LOVE.

I am not referring to romantic LOVE, nor everything-is-great LOVE. I mean unconditional LOVE, LOVE above all and for all.  

We vilify a nation for the acts of few, we vilify a race for fighting for their rights, we vilify because we need an enemy that will make our unconscious behaviours okay. We need an enemy that justifies our convenient life.

If we are responsible for the acts of the groups we are born into or have chosen to belong to then…

… as an Portuguese woman, I am responsible for slavery!

… as a woman born in South Africa, I allowed the Apartheid!

… as a woman living in Germany, I accepted the killing of many Jewish families.

I can wipe that all away, because as a white lady, I am an individual, I am free from labels. I have groups, but they don’t define who I am!

Why can’t everyone have that freedom. The freedom of being an individual, the freedom of being seen as an individual.

We need to come together and fight for that freedom. We need ANTIRACISM and convenience must wait.

We need to allow every single human Being to BE who ever the F*** they want to be!

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