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The last 8 Children’s Traits or Troubles

  • 16. May 2020
  • Isabel
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In this blog, I will focus on the remaining 8 children’s traits or troubles that complete the 16 traits I shared a couple of weeks ago. These children’s traits or troubles can help parents see their children’s needs. These 8 traits or troubles indicate that there might be something blocking your child from being his/her true self. That is why I considered calling them children’s traits or troubles. Believe me, they can easily be fixed!

Booking the Right Attitude Coaching program is a great way to help them. It can help release any energetic issues and support you in understand what needs your child did not have fulfilled. It also helps realign their physical experience with the soul.

What I have written below may resonate with you. It might be something you see yourself battling with. Just know, I am here for you!

A Family Dynamics made FUN program with me will not only allow you to get to know your child and yourself, it will allow you and your child to shine for who you were meant to be, as your true self.

The last 8 children’s traits (or troubles)

Bullies and bullied children

Bullies and bullied children is one of the traits or troubles we will discuss. They are not as different as we believe. Remember, most of the times, the bully is also being bullied. It is just by someone older, stronger or in a position of authority.

Both the bully and his victims have the wish to be seen. They just don’t allow it to happen naturally. They fear loosing their self-worth when seen. Since they place so much focus on low self-worth, and they are not showing up as who they truly are, they manifest their fear, low self-worth. So, in reality they are not different, they just show up as opposing side of the same coin. To identify what is going on, it is important to understand what triggers the behaviour. They wish to be seen for who they truly are. But since there is a negative focus, a fear, they are seen for who they are not! 

Challenging children

Spannung, Druck, Angst, Betont, Geschäft
I feel so anxious, please help me!

Another trait or trouble is challenging children are children that show mental health issues. Anxiety, bipolar, autism and hyperactivity are some example of challenging children. I called this group challenging because the root cause (main reason or action) for their mental challenges can be quite different. Even 2 children with the same issue, for example anxiety, can be triggered by different blocks. These block can be related to believes, choices, lack of choices, just to mention a few. 


Pleasers are children who have difficulty accepting who they are so they tend to please everyone they know. They do this by being just as everyone expects them to be. When in large groups, pleaser have difficulty assuming just one “borrowed” personality. They can’t focus on who they want to please and come off as deceitful. That is why, they tend to isolate themselves and they might even change completely their circle of friends. This happens when their constant lying finally catches up with them. Does this trait or trouble describe your child?

Hiding children

Hiding children are afraid of been seen for who they are. They are hiding themselves as a protection which means they always play it small.

Mädchen, Aufenthalt Im Haus, Drinnen
I feel safe here hiding from everyone

Or, they’re hiding themselves to deceive others by showing up a certain way. This second variation is not like pleasers because, hiding children show up always the same way.

Bad sleepers

Bad sleepers are children who cannot fall asleep easily or constantly wake up during the night. They tend to have terrible nightmares and/ or wake up in the morning very tired. They often use the sentence:

“I am so tired.”

But if you ask them to rest they will say “NO”. They just don’t want to rest.  


Dreamers are children that love experiencing life in their heads. They never listen, and when they do, the information changes in their head. It becomes more “Hollywood style”. They love making things up.

Mädchen, Weiblich, Kinder, Wenig, Traum
Why can’t my life be like my dreams!

I wouldn’t call them creatives. They are not creating something new. They are stuck in a false reality and they believe it is better than their physical reality. Dreamers are disconnected with their reality. They believe it is more exciting to experience the world they have in their head then their real life. Are you recognizing this trait or trouble in someone you know?


Loners are children who feel like they belong NOwhere and have a constant feeling that something is missing. There is no food, drink, shopping or excessive activity that can fill the hole they have inside them.

Fearful children

Fearful children are sensitive children. Their sensitivity is focusing on fear. They sense all possible danger, real or imaginary. They have a hard time not knowing what will come, they start feeling out of control and that lack of control triggers their fear. 

If you have a friend or family member, maybe even a colleague that is having trouble supporting his/her child because they show signs of having one or more of these traits or troubles, and you know I can help, please share this blog with them.

If you find yourself are in a situation where you need support, then just contact me at I am here to support you!

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