ENOUGH is really enough

9th May 2020

Do you have enough?

Are you enough?

Have you had enough?

Usually these questions are not asked using the word enough. We use “a lot”, “everything”, “great”… we always want, want, want… We start off right, we set important goals, we reach them and then, instead of setting new goals, we simply think, 

This worked out so well, so I will just do more of the same and get more more of the same

When we think like this, we have stopped growing… we are not moving forward nor discovering something new and exciting. We have stopped developing ourselves. in other words, we are dying!

We want more because our questions are not the 3 questions I started this post with. Our programmed questions focus on the superlative… And when we focus on BIG and MORE and GREAT and EVERYTHING, we trigger our thirst for more of the same. More BIG and MORE and GREAT and EVERYTHING until there is nothing left.

That is exactly what we are doing to our beautiful planet. We always asked for more… more and more, and more, that even Mother Earth is running out of resources. It is time to stop and say, ENOUGH!

We also do not allow children to discover their “ENOUGHNESS”. This because we always ask and expect more from them. We also give so much, that they do not know what their “enoughness” is. Not knowing when to stop, to try something new, helps create unhappy children who lack motivation. And, it destroys the earth.

It is like now, with the virus, all that we need to do is to wear masks. Simple right!

Wrong, some people see this as an offense. That their freedom has been taken from them. I wish to say to these people,

“Your freedom ends where mine begins. Living in society, not as a socialist or communist, is just that, respecting each other. So, if you don’t wear a mask and I get sick, you over stepped your freedom and stolen mine.

So, this is how it needs to be.

a) if you wear a mask you can start going back to a normal life.

b) if you don’t want to wear a mask, then you can choose to stay at home.

You have a choice to do the right think. Just that! No more, no less. Just enough to make the world safe again!

Are you going to take it?!!


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