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  • 6. May 2020
  • Isabel
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When you are clear about your talents, you allow things to happen. Talents are skills we should develop. Skills that are continuously renewed will allow you to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN for you!

Currently, I am doing an on-line business course and Kari Samuels is mentoring me. One day, Kari replied to a question I placed saying that I needed to go within while protecting my talents. I knew that first I had to be clear on what my true talents were. So, when I am in doubt, I turn to my Spirit Guides. They usually say the same thing, “Google something and take it from there!”. Very tech-friendly guides (unlike myself😉).

I did just that and came to a list of talents. From that list, I chose my talents and finally the talents I considered important for my work as a Soul Realignment practitioner. I then meditated on the meaning of each talent. This is what I got!

Talents are seeds that when cultivated can create beautiful gardens

MY talents list

  • My Talents
    • WISDOM
    • Identifying WEAKNESSES & STRENGTHS

First talent was WISDOM🥰

Wisdom is not a common talent. Many people see it as arrogance or madness (sometimes it is exactly that).

Wisdom comes from the source or Love. It does not need to be edited nor justified. It is often misunderstood and can lead to suffering if after presenting itself, wisdom is ignored. Better than unused wisdom is ignorance. Not knowing is ok, not wanting to know is the sin.

Welcome wisdom into your life, you need to be prepared to let go (loose) a lot. Once you accept wisdom as your talent, you need to be brave. Accept wisdom always! Even in the face of ridicule and people accusing you of trying to stand out, be different. That you just do not what to follow others. You will be considered an outsider, until you are not. Remember, universal truth is not our current common sense. 

Wisdom is a sickness that has no cure and that will make people fear, hate and hunt you. Are you willing to defend and protect wisdom? I know I am!

This is what I got… what does wisdom mean for you?


I took some time with this talent. I use to be a teacher / trainer (in some ways, I still am) and I could not get out of my mind and receive inspiration… at least, it felt so simple that I judged my answer on this talent. This is all I got:

Remember that when you teach you also learn… every message given is also a message that you needed to hear. Stay humble in your learnings!

Let me know if you have something to add!💕😘


I would call this talent, the power of knowing. When you know things, you cannot explain where the knowing comes from, you just know it.

That is how I feel when I speak with clients, who have accepted me as their practitioner. I only allow myself to tap into a person’s energy once they request support. Anything else is unethical and inacurate. Unauthorized tapping into a person’s energy will always come from a place of judgement.

Like I was saying, when I speak with a client, I know my client’s strengths and weaknesses. So, I can show them how to use both to build the future the desire. If they would only acknowledge both sides!

Unfortunately, we are programmed to only accept and use our strengths. We reject our “weaknesses”, the name given to that which we see as negative and harmfull, in some cases even sinful. Society forces us to let go, ignore even act like they don’t exist.

In my case, I would say that my strengths are:

  • knowing
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Power
  • Arrogance (in the past seen as weakness)
  • Stubbornness (also a weakness)
  • Pride (“weakness”??)
  • Being an Introvert (also mistaken for being shy)
  • Being lazy (or in other words easily distracted with other tasks)

I see these and know now that they can all help me. If I am aware of who I am, I can accept both sides and allow each side to manifest when the time is right.

For example, no issue in being lazy on the weekends, it allows for you to recharge  or discover new things. Being lazy also takes your mind off problems which allows your intuition to pop up and surprise you with solutions.

So please accept this in you, remove all resistance to the “shadow side”, to who you are, to your “weaknesses”.

I like knowing, I need to allow myself to accept the things I know are true. I know that if I am not clear and alert, I get sucked in by my programming and forget how important my “weaknesses” are.

Do you know your weaknesses? Do you know how important they are?


The talent of listening to want is being said, not what we think we are hearing, is only possible when we are present. Listen with your body, hear not only the words but also the vibrations that the whole being is sending out. That is true listening.

As Sadhguru says

“Creation is sound, the source of creation is silence.”

To listen to creation, we need to hear all sounds and also be able to hear our inner silence 💕🙂


Intuition is the little voice, calm and persistent, that gives you a nudge in the right direction. 

Don’t worry if you do not listen at first, it will not change over time. It stays with you until you act on it.

Most of the times, after acting on the nudge, you feel uncomfortable, invaded and extremely vulnerable. This is because intuition usually nudges you out of you comfort zone. It leads you to new realities which will open many wonderful possibilities that you were unaware of in your comfort zone.

So, remember, when you act and it did not lead to discomfort then maybe you were listening to ego and not intuition.

Intuition feels like the right choice.

Ego feels like the only choice.

May the acceptance of all that is and all that is not be with us all!


I always saw myself as a born problem solver. And before meditating on this, I would have replied to this talent as follows

“I am a born problem solver. I love understanding how things work, what is the function failure and then dive deep to find out the root cause of the problem. Then I know exactly how to switch the problem on and off and can solve it.” 

But after meditating, I must say, there is no such thing as a problem to be solved… only to let go of.

What do I mean? In a sense, I do not know what I mean, I know that my problems are created by me and all I need to do is move past them without identifying myself with them.

How do I do that?

Another interesting question which has no real answer. In my mental body, I can generalize, categorize and create a rule (that always has an exception). But, in reality, each perceived problem is new, only understood by the person experiencing it.

As a Soul Realignment practitioner, I am not here to fix anyone, like I used to believe. I am here to shine light on why each person is experiencing their problem(s) and how they can pass through the experience staying only with the learning experience and releasing (letting go of) all that which no longer serves them.

If you have an issue (not a problem, just a situation that feels heavy) and would like to see ways to navigate through the situation, book a session with me.


This talent used to be called, PEOPLE JUDGEMENT. After my meditation, I changed it to PEOPLE KNOWER! Read below to understand this change.

I am a very good people “knower”… In the past, I was a people judger! I was very quick at drawing a picture of someone and then labeling them. Most of the times, when I did this, I directly place an energy on that relationship that said, “this is how we have to be”. I created expectations and believes that could not be reached or changed. It was not that my evaluation was wrong. Like I said, I am really good at evaluating a person’s energy, when allowed. But, by doing this I made it almost impossible for change.

When meditating on this talent I realized that it is not in recognizing who a person is that I judge them, that is just how I get to KNOW them. I judge them when I disallow them the possibility of change or I expect them to change so I criticize who they are or where they are at.

Judgement is a word associated with evaluating a situation. I disagree! Judgement is, for me, associated with labeling a person because of a perceived opinion of where they are or where they should be. Judgement kind of removes free will as it does not allow change. It freezes states of mind, opinions and beliefs. Judgement makes you believe that 

“You are how I perceive you” 

Are you a people “judger” or a people “knower”?


What I love about my Spirit Guides and their support is the list I found through Google had as the last talent, the talent I will end my journey with, empathy. How cool is that! To end with a talent that we all share. Yes, because if you read this, you are a empath too!💕

So, here goes! This is what I got about empathy. Love to hear how this talent impacts your life and how you would define it!

Empathy is the ability to share feeling. It helps understand how someone feels and how something will impact that feeling. Which is great, until it is not. Empathy, when live as the only truth, is a blocker in so many ways. It really removes free will as it allows us to feel a situation but not feel how we can change that situation. 

We know what is and not what could be. And many times, what could be is so much nicer than what is. Many times, we throw the towel and say this is my life just before the change to a new reality is about to happen.

As empaths, it is our responsibility to change how empathy is used. We need to show children that they can travel to other realities by making different choices. If the feeling they sense is not what they want, they need to ask the question,

what can I do now to shift this feeling to what I want?

Currently, we just say, this is how it is, I feel it.

BS, nothing is how it is, everything is how we perceive it. And changing perception is changing how it is, how we feel.

So, being an empath should not mean 

“I know how you feel”

it should mean

“I know what to do to make you feel how you want to!”

Interesting that I will end this post with a talent that we all have and consider a gift… but a talent that so many of us feel burdened by. “I am so sensitive that I have to isolate myself to be safe.” That is what most empaths say with a certain feeling of pride and a need for servitude.

That is what I have always questioned, but until now never stop to hear the answer. So, here goes…

Empathy is not the ability to feel what other people feel. It is having the power to know what is off (because we feel it) and being able to change what is off by changing our energy.

The fact that empaths can feel energy is not the gift, that is just a side effect. It is the tool to evaluate the result of the true gift. Empaths are able to change the energy of something that feels off. They can adjust what feels incongruent to them and make the situation/place/person congruent to who they are for us.

We do not do this for the other person we do it for ourselves. Because if I feel great and my energy is strong, other people will feel great too. But we will focus on different energies to feel great. If we change the persons energy so we can feel great in the persons presence, then we are not being congruent we are being intrusive. And that is an ingredient for desastre.

We are not here to suffer nor to fix other people, even if that sounds and feels romantic. We are here to create the best version of who we are, to fix our own problems and by doing that remove some dense energy from this planet. Everything else is just BS😉

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