The power of genuinely listening

  • 20. April 2020
  • Isabel
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I was offered a poem recently. The idea was, that the person offering the poem would contact me and all I had to do was connect with her and have a small chat.

The offer was not directly for me, it was placed in a social media group I am part of and, even though I don’t read much poetry (currently I am reading a book about Kahlil Gibran’s work that has some poetry in it), I was curious and accepted the offer.

It was amazing, not just the poem but the connection. Here I was, speaking with someone for the first time and felt so safe, so understood. The gift of genuinely listens was so present in the conversation. Not only being heard by someone else, but I had space to hear what I was saying. The air was so clear that I could see my thoughts in the air. I could see the layers that were blocking my energy and, I had space to clear those blocks without judgement. And all that because I was with someone who “just” listened.

For the first time I felt the power of just listening. The power of teaching through silence. It was a beautiful moment and I have a beautiful poem to remind me of it.

One thought on “The power of genuinely listening

  1. This is so touching and beautiful Isabel! Thank You for sharing. Love & Light, Deb

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