Embrace one another in love

  • 5. April 2020
  • Isabel
  • 0

When I think of diversity and its importance I immediately think of grass. Grass, for me, is a great example of how beautiful diversity can be when we stick together.

Just like with grass, each individual is unique. Grass has its own shape, size, even in color they differ from each other.

But this is only noticeable when we get minuscule, because when we look at the big picture, the landscape is prettier when each individual grass embraces the next, creating a woven carpet of perfectness.

Let us look at society the same way. Not focusing on our beautiful differences, that which makes us unique and allows the wonder called diversity, but embracing each other in love, weaving a carpet of togetherness that cannot be broken.

Only then, can we live in unity while enjoying our individuality.

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