What is a True Beginning?

True Beginning
28th August 2019

Everyday is a True Beginning. You wake up, fresh, rested and without any worries… at least that is how I wake up.

For just that split second every opportunity is available to me. There is no memories of how Others expect me to be not any expectation of the future, of who I should be… there is only me, no judgement, no rules, no right or wrong, just me, the true me!

The goal of my sessions is to make that split second into minutes, then hours… days and at the end the feel of true freedom, true self will be your True Beginning!

What starts as a seed, that we will plant together will grow into a unique, robust tree. And the fruits you will bring into the world are unique. Because we are all individuals living together. Each of us needs to share our uniqueness with all those who are willing to receive it.

May the acceptance of all that is and all that is not be with us all!


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