Who am I

Hi, I am a divine being, just like you. My name is Isabel Faria. I was born in South Africa, lived 20 years in Portugal and I currently living in Germany. I started my spiritual journey at the age of 26 with the question, “What can I change to move closer to happiness?”. This was the first time I focused on myself as the only person responsible for my reality. At the time, I was not completely aware of how powerful this simple question is and where it would lead me, but I am so happy that I decided to faced it.

Besides working in a multinational company as a Problem Solver, I have several trainings related to personal growth, energy balance, and relaxation methods. My main focus is Soul Realignment. This practice helps identify the soul’s needs that some of us tend to ignore. It helps identify the decision we repeatedly make, in this lifetime and also in past lifetimes, that do not bring us happiness. It is an ideal tool for people who wish to take action in changing their current life situation. So, if you are willing to move out of your comfort zone this is the perfect tool for you,

if not, then this is not for you.

As a Soul Realignment Practitioner, it is my mission to tell you who YOU are at soul level and help YOU identify the changes and the new actions that are needed for YOU to move closer to your divinity.

You may request a session in English, Portuguese or English/German (while I am still improving my German)

May the acceptance of all that is and all that is not be with us all!